21 e 22 de Abril de 2017 • Maksoud Plaza Hotel - São Paulo - Brasil

Mensagem do presidente


Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure and joy to invite you to participate in the “IV World Congress of Plastic Surgeons of Lebanese Descent”, a tradition that gathers the Lebanese Descents from all over the world as well as many friends from many nationalities. Several years ago the 1st Lebanese-Brazilian Plastic Surgery Meeting was organized and brought to light an amazing connection between the Plastic Surgeons of Lebanese Descents and the Lebanese. This was the first seed of the large 400 members Association of Plastic Surgeons of Lebanese Descents. The Association is spread over many countries and continents. Three congresses came after that first meeting, two in Beirut and one in Cancun, Mexico. This will be probably the meeting in Latina America with the greatest number of speakers with different nationalities (around twenty different countries will be represented) in 2017. The main aim of this meeting is to stress technical refinements, demonstrating technical details, aiming the prevention and treatment of complications. Also, it will give the attendants an idea about the techniques used in different countries. The official language will be English and Portuguese translation will be provided. An International Advisory Committee composed of prominent international Plastic Surgeons is a sure guarantee to the scientific value and quality of this event. Besides free –papers, poster sessions and key note lectures, special round tables with discussion on hot issues will be organized. The Maksound Hotel venue along with other hotels within very short walking distance will conveniently accommodate all the needs of the Congress. The Maksound Hotel is located close to the area of Jardins, close to the most exclusive stores of famous world brands, in an area with a rich gastronomy. For in-training residents, there will be a reduced rate of registration fee and, of couse, a lower rate is applicable for all who wish to take advantage of the <<early bird>> registration. An attractive social program will include the gastronomic experience in São Paulo and an optional pre-congress tour to Rio and to many cities and beaches in Brazil. We are looking forward to welcoming you in São Paulo for these days full of science, pleasure and friendship. The Organizing Committee will spare no effort to make this event successful and unforgettable for all.
Please, return us an e-mail with a mini- CV and a photo to be attached to the official program


Fabio Nahas MD PhD MBA
President of the Congress

A first successful gathering of Plastic Surgeons of Lebanese Descent was organized in August 1999 in Lebanon; it was The First Lebanese-Brazilian Plastic Surgery Meeting. An attempt to organize a second meeting was unfortunately aborted by the 2016 war. Far from surrendering in face of the still unstable situation, once a utopic idea, the Association of Plastic Surgeons of Lebanese Descent – APSLD was officially created in October 2010 in Beirut as a section of the Lebanese Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery – LSPRAS. The 1st World Congress of Plastic Surgeons of Lebanese Descent was organized in Beirut. The IInd World Congress of Plastic Surgeons of Lebanese Descent was then organized Cancun, Mexico in October 2012, followed by the IIIrd Word Congress of Plastic Surgeons of Lebanese Descent in Beirut again in Octuber 2014.

This association has great appeal. By holding congresses at regular intervals both in Lebanon and the countries of the Lebanese diaspora, two things can be accomplished.  The first is that these unique meetings can serve as an exchange of knowledge and skills and help to “cross pollinate” and spread the world quickly about refining procedures that have not yet been included in mainstream publications. The second and perhaps the more significant accomplishment is the renaissance of cultural ties among its members all of whom connect directly to Lebanon, the birthplace of their fathers and grandfathers and in fact the birthplace of their pride and honor. The mutual bond of plastic surgery transcends the frequent and persistent problems of religion and sectionalism and erases those barriers that hobble many great cultures. As Khalil Gibran wrote, “He who denies his heritage has to heritage”.

The APSLD has grown rapidly and now it is internationally recognized and respected. It has certainly contributed greatly to the current high international standing of LSPRAS. An Executive Committee has been recently formed and National Representatives of 12 countries from Europe and North and South America have been appointed; the APSLD Newsletter is being published regularly online every 3 months. With the IVth the World Congress of Plastic Surgeons of Lebanese Descent in São Paulo, a new high threshold will be reached. Needless to say that the largest group of Plastic Surgeons of Lebanese Descent is in Brazil; their tremendous contribution to Plastic Surgery in Brazil as well as abroad has been instrumental in advancing our knowledge and skills and forging the worldwide widespread popularity of our specialty we are currently enjoying. We are all proud to belong to the APSLD.


Bishara Atiyeh, MD.
APSLD President.